Oil Free Air Compressor

Clean air is essential in many areas where the tiniest droplet of oil or air contaminated with oil can cause product spoilage, recalls of products, or even damage to equipment used in production. Different industries have set strict quality standards to ensure the security of the manufacturing process as well as the end-users. Compressors that are oil-free and free of ointment will be in ISO 8573-1 Class Zero.

How Oil-Free Air Compressors Work

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Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil-Free Compressors Being able to be absolutely confident that your compressed air is completely oil-free is crucial. Our oil-free air compressor options are perfect when you need the confidence that you have 100% oil-free compressed air in your operation. 

An oil-free air compressor is a compressor that uses oil-free lubricating materials. Its working principle is to compress air to the required pressure through two rotating screws. These two screws are called the master screw and the slave screw. The main screw and the slave screw are intermeshed and rotated, sucking air from the inlet and pushing it along the compression chamber to the outlet. During the propulsion, the air is compressed and due to the rotation of the screw, it generates heat.

Oil-free air compressors use different cooling and lubrication techniques than traditional oil-lubricated compressors. Since oil-free compressors do not use oil, they often require other means of providing cooling and lubrication. A common method is to use a water cooler and lubricant spray system. Water coolers reduce the temperature of the compressor by absorbing the heat generated during the compression of the air. Lubricant spray systems spray an oil-free lubricant onto the screws to reduce their friction and heat.

The advantage of oil-free air compressors is that they produce cleaner compressed air because they do not use lubricating oil. This makes them ideal for applications requiring high-quality compressed air, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, electronics manufacturing, and more. In addition, oil-free air compressors can also reduce operating costs and environmental pollution, because they do not generate waste and wastewater, and do not need to handle and dispose of waste lubricating oil.

Oil-Free Compressor and Zero-Stage Air

The phrases oil-free and “technically oil-free” are often used to identify the purity of compressed air. These phrases are associated with different air compressor rankings, ultimately determined by global standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Air compressors are ranked on an ISO class 0 to 5 based on how clean the compressed air is. Class zero air is the highest air quality and the cleanest choice for sensitive applications.

Oil-free compressors are guaranteed to comply with ISO Class Zero certification. They provide a 100% oil-free air supply for sensitive applications. While their initial cost may be higher, oil-free compressors are safer, ensuring that the final product will not be contaminated.
The “technically oil-free” compressor is rated ISO Class 1. These compressors are actually oil-lubricated models, so there is a risk of contamination. They use an oil removal filter to remove most of the oil particles during compression. However, these air compressors cannot guarantee 100% oil-free air.

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Oil-free air compressors for clean air

Oil-free air compressors specially developed for applications where air quality is critical to the final product and production process

Highest Air Quality

We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality air for crucial applications like food and drink processes, (petro)chemical processing, and electronics manufacturing…

Environmental Compliance

With our oil-free technology, you will be able to protect the environment while also ensuring compliance with international laws. Limit leakage and energy consumption. No condensate treatment required

The Range of Compressors Is Extensive.

Air compressors that do not require oil include many different teeth and screw centrifugal, piston scroll, and water jet compressors. We have oil-free solutions for all applications.

ISO Certified Technology

Our production facility which is oil-free and located in Antwerp, Belgium is the first to be awarded ISO 8573-1 CLASS0 (2010) as well as ISO 22000 certification

Global Service Network

Improve the availability and reliability of your oil-free compressor equipment. We are the world’s biggest compressed-air service company

Oil-Free Air Compressor for Sale

As a manufacturer of oil-free air compressors, we will do our best to serve you. If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found in our website, or need a product catalog, don’t worry, more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, we will reply you within 24 hours!

How It Works

Why Would You Opt for an Oil-Free Compressor?

We all know that air purity is crucial in many industries. Even the smallest drop of oil could cause deterioration of the product or cause damage to production equipment. This is why it’s crucial to take into consideration your production process and final product when selecting the right air compressor. Many businesses are considering an oil-free air compressor as a trustworthy source of fresh compressed air.

The oil-free compressor employs a variety of methods to avoid the requirement for oil. In an oil-lubricated compressor the use of oil in the chamber of compression to keep the air cool and sealed. In a compressor that is oil-free, there is no oil used in the compression chamber no matter the type of technology utilized. This eliminates the possibility of contamination and guarantees 100 100% air purity!

One of the main advantages of using a compressor that is oil-free as well as a completely risk-free operation


Low cost of ownership

Save money on oil replacement costs and also on equipment that cleans and separates airborne oil like oil separators, filters, and treatment of condensate.


Environmental friendly

Compressors that are oil-free are more in line with international environmental standards than systems that are lubricated and are the most environmentally friendly compressor option.


Low maintenance

A lack of oil and smaller moving parts mean less upkeep and more issue areas.

Oil-Free and Oil-Filled

The most suitable air compressor you can use for your business is dependent on the specific purpose. Clean compressed air is essential in many areas in which oil contamination could damage production equipment, or result in recalls and product degradation. These compressors are the ideal solution to make sure your process is in line with the highest quality standards for air. Contrary to oil-injected compressors, they tend to have a stronger design and will last longer than those without oil.

When your options narrow down to an air compressor that is oil-free vs. oil-injected options The following factors could be crucial to help you determine the most suitable option:
Air Quality: Compressors that are oil-free offer the highest quality air that is, there’s no chance of oil contamination in the final product or process.
Noise level: Although oil-injected compressors tend to be stronger, they do generate more noise than compressors that are oil-free
Energy Use: Compressors that are oil-free limit leakage and energy consumption and help reduce costs for maintenance and energy consumption.
Environmental Impact: Clean air aids in ensuring more compliance with international environmental laws.

In cases that don’t require these advantages to improve efficiency or ensure security, oil-injected air compressors could be the best option for cost savings. However oil-free air compressors are necessary in instances where the possibility of contamination by oil is excessive, like medical and food processing.

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