China OEM High Performance Lubricated Twin-Screw Industrial Air Compressor with Great quality

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High overall performance Lubricated Twin-Screw Industrial Air Compressor

Product Description

The MDE collection 2 phase rotary screw air compressor with double permanent magnet motor push is equipped with a double motor, double drive and double screw, which has the benefit of high efficiency, huge starting up torque and minimal noise. The main energy range is from 45kw to 110kw, the strain variety is from 6bar to 10bar and the air circulation range is from 9m3/min to 26m3/min.

Core components



  • A lot more steady: no mechanical transmission difficulties
    There is no equipment shaft in the air compressor and the successful long term magnet motor and the male rotor are straight connected on 1 shaft with out equipment push, which can eradicate pitting of equipment or hidden troubles of tooth fracture.
    With no shaft coupling, 2 built-in PM motors straight generate 2 airends of the air compressor, avoiding the concealed difficulties of shaft CZPT failure.
  • More vitality-personal savings: the airend is usually in a easy operating point out
    The 2 stage 3 stage long lasting magnet rotary gear screw air compressor of CZPT is run by 2 impartial PM motors and 2 unbiased inverters, which is intelligently controlled this kind of as maintain the airend working at a greatest amount-pressure stage by managing discharge force and interstage pressure underneath the circumstance of various rotary pace and diverse pressure. The ideal operating pace of air compressor can be routinely calculated even though running and then the compression ratio can be well balanced by closing match, which can keep the compressor in a ideal running point out, thus getting the maximum performance.
  • A lot more successful: high-performance long term magnet motor and no gear travel decline.
    With a motor of a high defense degree of IP54, it is far more vitality-saving and it can stay powerful at reduced frequency and low speed.
  • Much more environment-welcoming operation with reduced noise
    No sounds of motor bearings, equipment meshing and CZPT transmission.
  • A lot more framework-compact
    The volume of PM motor is tiny and the structure is compact, which can preserve a lot space.


Theory of power-saving

  • Alter the standard induction motor with large-performance engineering of long lasting magnet rotary screw motor, hence reducing the usage in transmission.
  • Run by 2 impartial PM motors and 2 impartial inverters, the compressor is intelligently controlled such as maintain the airend operating at a very best amount-stress stage by controlling strain of air movement and interstage force beneath the circumstance of different rotary velocity and different force. The ideal managing velocity of compressor can be instantly calculated although operating and then the compression ratio can be balanced by final match, which can hold the compressor in a best running state, hence obtaining the maximum effectiveness.
  • Due to the fact the gear ratio is mounted, position efficiency is emphasised in this case. That is to say, only with mounted rotary velocity and rated stress CZPT it have the greatest certain energy. When running in a condition of variable velocity and variable frequency, considering the fastened velocity of gear, interstage pressure will not reach the ideal 1. Rotational velocity declining whilst vitality intake not declining at the same time, it is not suited for running in variable speed and variable frequency point out.

Firm Profile


Q1: What ‘s your manufacturing unit address
A2: Our firm is positioned in NO.88 CZPT Road,HangZhou ,ZheJiang ,China

Q2: How extended is our shipping
A2: Our standard delivery time is thirty-forty times right after affirmation order & getting recipets for normal compressors, for the other non normal need will be discussed situation by case.

Q3: Can you accept OEM orders? 
A3: Indeed, with professional design crew, OEM orders are extremely welcome.


what to see in an air compressor

If you need to purchase an air compressor, you must know what to appear for. The kinds of air compressors on the market are categorised in accordance to their CFM score, safety gadgets, and pumps. There are a number of variances among lubricated and oil-free air compressors that you must know before purchasing. To better comprehend the big difference between these varieties of air compressors, study on. This write-up will guidebook you by means of these variations.


If you are seeking for a good quality air compressor, you have occur to the right location. A very good air compressor pump will provide large stress for everything from tires to boats and far more. There are hundreds of distinct types to decide on from, and the excellent issue about getting one particular from a Chinese producer is that they have so a lot of choices. More importantly, Chinese makers can customize air equipment these kinds of as air compressors at minimal prices.
A very good high quality air pump will not likely break effortlessly, but you will be able to use it for many years. Deciding on a large-high quality pump will aid you keep away from a lot of hassles on the highway, these kinds of as unplanned downtime and set up fees. Plus, a pump from the identical manufacturer as your air compressor is your very best guess to make sure the best possible performance. Outlined beneath are some ideas for locating a quality pump for your air compressor.
The air compressor is an essential but unremarkable creation. Without having them, our lives would be totally diverse. With no a pump, we are unable to get sizzling h2o from central heating, nor can we get warmth from the fridge. We are unable to inflate bicycle tires, and we can’t refuel vehicles. Pumps are crucial to all types of equipment. So why is it critical to choose the right merchandise? The response might shock you.
Various varieties of pumps are employed for various applications. Constructive displacement pumps move a set quantity of fluid and immediate it to a drain. This layout makes certain constant circulation at a continuous speed no matter of discharge force. Centrifugal pumps operate in different ways. The impeller accelerates the fluid, changing the enter vitality into kinetic energy. This sort of pump is most generally utilised in mines, air conditioning, industrial vegetation, and flood control.

security tools

There are many protection functions you ought to verify when employing an air compressor. Initial, check the relationship of the air filter to the air. If they occur free, areas could independent and result in harm. An additional crucial basic safety function is the shut-off valve. When working close to compressed air, the shut-off valve ought to be within simple get to and visibility. Moving areas and other equipment have to be protected with protecting addresses. Check out security valve and replace damaged parts.
Rupture discs are copper discs positioned on the air cooler. When the air pressure exceeds a specific restrict, it bursts. Fusible plugs have resources that melt at high temperatures. The compressor need to have a lubricating oil force alarm and cut off the excursion sign. If these two security units are unsuccessful, the compressor must be stopped right away. The rupture disc need to be inspected at the very least weekly to guarantee it does not rupture beneath strain.
If the strain stage is also substantial, and overcurrent defense unit cuts energy to the motor. It also routinely shuts off the compressor when the hose ruptures or the air volume exceeds a preset stage. The device need to be put in on the air compressor to avert mishaps. Its job is to protect the operator from damage. If workers do not comply with these safety steps, they might trigger gear injury.
To ensure basic safety when functioning the air compressor, protection eyeglasses and gloves need to be worn. Pressurized air can lead to eye harm, and crash goggles can supply a barrier to avert this. Additionally, the self-retracting twine prevents vacation dangers and reinforces excess twine. You should also keep your arms and body away from the air nozzle. This will stop you from becoming sprayed with compressed air.

CFM Ranking

An air compressor’s PSI and CFM ratings show the force and volume it can deliver. PSI stands for kilos for each square inch and steps the pressure and pressure contained in one particular square inch of air. These two indicators are similarly crucial when selecting an air compressor. If you need a good deal of compressed air for a distinct application, you will need a greater psi compressor. Furthermore, if you are utilizing compressed air in a smaller application, a lower cfm compressor will not provide sufficient electrical power to satisfy your demands.
When comparing distinct air compressors, be certain to shell out shut consideration to horsepower and CFM ratings. While compressor power is crucial for some tasks, it is not the most critical factor. The CFM ranking of an air compressor will decide how large a undertaking it can handle and how long it will take to cost. Make positive you comprehend the CFM and PSI ratings of your future compressors, as not knowing these critical statistics can frustrate you and generate up costs.
In common, it is greatest to pick an air compressor with a CFM score increased than the measurement of the air instrument. This will make certain that the air compressor has sufficient stress to perform numerous equipment successfully at the very same time. Whilst scaled-down CFM rankings might be adequate for more compact initiatives, larger tools this sort of as drills need a good deal of air. For that reason, the larger the CFM, the bigger and much more potent the instrument.
Once you recognize the CFM of an air compressor, you can begin seeking for the right device. You can check the CFM score of your air compressor on the web by commenting under. If you’re not sure about the dimension of your air instrument, you can constantly purchase a next air compressor. This is a wonderful way to double the CFM of your air compressor! You’ll have a lot more air to do much more work, and your compressor will final lengthier.

Absence of oil and lubrication

Oil-free of charge air compressors have a smaller sized footprint and call for less servicing than oil-lubricated air compressors. Despite the fact that oil-lubricated air compressors are more expensive and heavier than oil-cost-free air compressors, they are also excellent for stationary use. The rewards of oil-cost-free air compressors contain increased longevity and reduced maintenance charges. The advantages and disadvantages of every kind are reviewed beneath.
Oil-free air compressors are generally quieter than oil-lubricated air compressors. Even so, you might nonetheless encounter some noise whilst making use of it. To stay away from this, you need to decide on a tranquil ingestion compressor. However, if you operate up coming to a noisy compressor, you should purchase a muffler, an aftermarket filter that lowers compressor sound.
If you want to use the air compressor for a prolonged time, the oil-free product is not the correct decision. Its Teflon coating wears off above time, specifically at excessive temperatures. In addition, oil-totally free air compressors have a huge amount of shifting components that demand typical routine maintenance, whilst oil-stuffed air compressors are wonderful for people who do not want to spend in further elements.
An additional main variation in between oil-totally free and oil-lubricated air compressors is lubrication. Oil-lubricated air compressors demand normal lubrication whereas oil-totally free air compressors are pre-lubricated. They have fewer elements and are less expensive. Oil-free of charge air compressors are lighter than oil-lubricated air compressors. In addition to currently being more affordable, oil-free of charge air compressors are a lot more effective and resilient.
Although oil-crammed air compressors are more productive and resilient, they generate a whole lot of heat. Even so, they are also much more costly and need typical oil modifications. Moreover, they are challenging to transport. They also need to have to be permanently set up. These air compressors are also not portable and call for a set area. So, take into account your demands ahead of deciding which variety is best for you. When you are selecting an air compressor for your enterprise, be positive to store close to.

sounds degree

If you are questioning what the noise degree of an air compressor is, the response is dependent on your specific tools and working atmosphere conditions. Typically, air compressors produce forty to ninety decibels of sound. Despite the fact that the lower the decibel degree, the quieter the compressor will be. Larger, a lot more powerful air compressors produce increased noise stages than their tiny brothers. But no subject how massive the air compressors are, it is a good thought to use hearing protection while functioning all around them.
When acquiring a new air compressor, the sounds stage of the air compressor should be considered. Although this may possibly seem to be like a little problem, there are actually a lot of variations on these noisy machines. The most widespread type of air compressor is the reciprocating piston pump. This model employs pistons equivalent to an engine to rotate within a chamber. The piston moves speedily and traps air proportional to its measurement. Solitary-piston air compressors are usually noisier than twin-piston designs, also known as twin cylinders.
But even if you have the correct gear to safeguard your hearing, it’s still critical to know the sounds amount of an air compressor. Even if the sounds is not quickly hazardous, it can nevertheless result in short term or long term hearing decline. This problem is called noise-induced hearing decline, and an air compressor with a seem stage of eighty or larger can cause long lasting hearing injury. You can avoid possible injury to your listening to and avoid mishaps by basically having to pay interest to the sounds degree of your air compressor.
Air compressors are inherently noisy, but if you get steps to minimize their sound amounts, you can reduce disruption to neighbors and co-employees. For instance, putting in a audio enclosure in your function region can prevent your air compressor from generating as significantly sound as ahead of. Dependent on your workspace, you can also consider installing a lengthy air hose, which will minimize sound levels by up to twenty five%.
China OEM High Performance Lubricated Twin-Screw Industrial Air Compressor     with Great qualityChina OEM High Performance Lubricated Twin-Screw Industrial Air Compressor     with Great quality

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